Dental crown lengthening

Usually, it is technically possible to repair a badly damaged tooth, yet it necessary to consider whether such a repair will be long-term. Teeth as the millstones of a windmill withstand heavy loads; therefore, “skyscrapers on wooden foundations” should be avoided. Making dental crowns only from artificial materials (core posts, fillings, dentures) create a deceptive impression because everything is supported only by the remainder of the natural tooth. If in the course of dental prosthetics, a crown is placed merely on core posts secured in roots or fillings, it is very likely that a tooth will break. The crown must embrace all fillings and core posts and, most importantly, as much as possible of the tissue of a healthy tooth. Thus, such a denture will function as a metal ring of a barrel not allowing it to fall apart.

Although little of tissue of a healthy tooth protrude above the gums, in the majority of cases it still remains deep under the gums. By thinning the surrounding gums and providing a corresponding shape to the bone, more dental tissue on the surface of the gums is obtained on which dentures are much more firmly secured. This is called dental crown lengthening.

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