Prosthodontics Maximum price, EUR
Specialist’s consultation 20 – 50
X-ray image 10
Dental restoration by means of a root post 90 – 140
Primary assistance 50 - 100
Fixed Dentures:  
Temporary plastic crown (necessary for the protection of a tooth and gums until the permanent denture is manufactured) 60 – 90  


Note: All dentures specified below are manufactured by means of casting or milling. In this way a greater precision fit, strength and better aesthetic results are obtained. They are easy to clean, thus build-up of food, bad breath are prevented, and dentures are more durable.

Full metal crown 240
Full metal crown on implant 340
Metal – ceramic crown on molar tooth 300
Metal – ceramic crown on front or premolar tooth 390
Full ceramic crown (the healthiest and most aesthetic) on molar tooth 480
Full ceramic crown on front and premolar tooth 540
Full ceramic crown on implant 580 - 780
Metal - plastic prosthesis on implants (one jaw) 3060
All-ceramic crown (metal-free: the healthiest and most aesthetic option) 440
Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown for a molar 260 
Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown for an incisor or a premolar 340 
Porcelain plate/laminate/veneer on the surface of the incisor 500 - 700
Porcelain plate on the incisal surface of a tooth (inlay, onlay) 440
Removable Dentures:  
Cosmetic denture for several teeth 180
Partial denture 350 - 450 
Complete denture  550 - 650
Denture with metal framework (more comfortable than a plate)  1050 
Denture with metal framework and attachments (clasps are invisible) 1800 
Mouth guard (different mouth guards are fabricated in case of pain in the joints of the jaw, chewing muscles, rapid dental abrasion, for protection while doing sports and teeth whitening)  90-180-280
Complete denture with 2 atachments on implants 1000
Denture Adjustment:  
 Gluing of a cracked plate

30 - 50

Gluing of a broken, cracked plate by reinforcing 50 - 70
 Insertion of a wire clasp  50 - 90
 Insertion of a cast clasp  150 - 200
Insertion of a tooth into a removable denture  50 - 90
Rebasing of a removable denture in the laboratory  180
Rebasing of a removable denture in the Clinic  90
Rebasing of a crown  20
Cementation of a crown  30 - 60
Removal of an pressed crown  15
Removal of a cast crown  30


Please note that for the sake of maximum clarity, final prices of treatment are specified in the pricelist, i.e. all small additional payments have been included. Patients with private health insurance are also welcome.

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