Our Philosophy

Probably, every doctor or clinic has own perception of the quality of the treatment process. If we wanted to be trendy, we should blindly follow the modern philosophy of consumption, i.e. dental treatment must be fast and resulting in a dazzling and stunning smile: “My new artificial teeth must be better than the old ones”. Yet, in most cases new artificial teeth will be merely more beautiful. If the concept of good teeth involves the factors of long duration and basic practicality, so far artificial teeth cannot match the unique body of the tooth consisting of ideal materials and having natural protection. Consequently, our efforts should be focused on saving the properties that have been shaped by the nature and proven to be the best in the course of evolution. We should go back to eternal naturalness. The failure to preserve it means that something is wrong with our efforts.


This does not mean that every hopeless tooth must be saved. When chewing, teeth are under the impact of a very strong load from different directions. It is not reasonable to expect that a skyscraper constructed on wooden foundations will stand long. Besides, in the long run such a tooth may cause harm to other teeth. A lesser evil should be chosen for the sake of health.


Apart from chewing and producing sounds, teeth, certainly, perform an aesthetical function, i.e. they constitute a part of human appearance. Some people really need to have their colour and shape of teeth improved. Through the use of modern technologies in our Clinic, we obtain a truly natural appearance of artificial teeth; however, to maintain a good look, regular efforts by doctors and patients will certainly be required.

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