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Our Philosophy

  • A natural tooth is a unique chewing organ perfected by the evolution. Therefore, every attempt should be made to preserve what has not been harmed yet, i.e. use prevention measures and least harmful treatment methods extensively, in the first place.
  • Teeth are like grindstones in a mill. They should be treated using leading technologies that proved to be efficient.
  • The major value of the Clinic is a good reputation. With an aim to help our patients, we must constantly maintain high quality of work and cleanness, update our knowledge and equipment.

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Team of Professionals

The Clinic specialises in the area of dental restoration and implantation. We also provide comprehensive preparatory treatment of teeth and the tissue around them.

A strong team of professionals from different areas of dentistry works hand in hand in our Clinic. It has been successfully helping patients contacting the Clinic for a number of years. To maintain the level of professionalism, the doctors of the Clinic constantly engage in professional development in scientific events in Lithuania and abroad.

In case of a large-scale oral reconstruction, the entire treatment process, i.e. the communication between different specialists, is coordinated by one doctor in charge.


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